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Nov 30, 2012  |   
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London Community News Contact Us

Metroland Media Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Torstar Corporation, is pleased to announce the launch of London Community News. We are committed, whether it is through print or digital products, to connect and be connected to the London community.

London Community News is a free community newspaper that is delivered every Thursday to 132,000 homes. The first edition hit the streets on Thursday June 23, 2011.

Do you have a great story, video, photo or blog about London? If so we want you to share your work. We will expose your work to a larger, broader audience!

1074 Dearness Drive, Unit 80

London, ON

N6E 1N9

Phone: (519) 649-2000

Fax: (519) 649-2009

General Manager

Doug Rowe,

Ext. 2310, drowe@metroland.com

Shani Russell, Administrative Assistant

Ext. 2300, srussell@metroland.com


Tracey Duguay, Managing Editor

Ext. 2309, tduguay@metroland.com

Mike Maloney, Photographer

Ext. 2322, mmaloney@metroland.com

Sean Meyer, Reporter

Ext. 2308, smeyer@metroland.com

Jonathon Brodie, Reporter

Ext. 2305,jbrodie@metroland.com

Craig Gilbert, Reporter

Ext. 2306,cgilbert@metroland.com

Display Advertising

Gloria Rae, Sales Manager

Ext. 2321, grae@metroland.com

Sheri Vansteinburgh, Advertising Representative

Ext. 2312, svansteinburgh@metroland.com

Dave Aziz, Advertising Representative

Ext. 2316, daziz@metroland.com

Geoffrey Rae, Advertising Representative

Ext. 2317, geoffreyrae@metroland.com

Tami Martin, Advertising Representative

Ext. 2313, tmartin@metroland.com

Jennifer Johnson, Advertising Representative

Ext. 2303, jejohnson@metroland.com

Heike Kaufman, Advertising Representative

Ext. 2311, hkaufman@metroland.com

Peter Zubyk, Advertising Representative

Ext. 2318, pzubyk@metroland.com


Rick Lennon, Advertising Representative

Ext. 2312, rlennon@metroland.com

Flyer Distribution

Cathy Besley, Distribution Sales Consultant

Ext. 2303, cbesley@metroland.com


Dave Russell, Manager

Ext. 2304, drussell@metroland.com

Stacie Hanson, Graphic Artist

Ext. 2302, shanson@metroland.com

Shelley Said, Graphic Artist

Ext. 2301, ssaid@metroland.com

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