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Columns | 18 hours ago

Two sides to transparency coin

You might have seen or read the story in the media last week that two of London’s new city councillors are promising to be...

London Community News | by Phil McLeod
Editorial | Mar 24, 2015

Do not go gentle into that good fight

Let’s get this straight right from the top. Canada Post is never going to change its Community Mail Box Program (CMB) until...

London Community News | by Scott Taylor
Columns | Mar 18, 2015

Food trucks became symbol of previous council

It was with a certain amount of glee that I watched as city council recently approved a trial project for eight food trucks...

London Community News | by Gord Hume
Opinion | Mar 18, 2015

Generation X factors into council vote

It’s still early days yet, but there are indications the point of difference for this new city council might be generational...

London Community News | by Phil McLeod
Opinion | Mar 18, 2015

The truth needs to be told

This week we offer mild kudos to the London Police Service for announcing an investigation has been launched into how...

London Community News | by Scott Taylor
Opinion | Mar 13, 2015

Rapid Transit a worthy risk

Cities are well positioned to solve some of the most complex problems. It is at the municipal level where the world is going...

London Community News | by Amir Farahi
Opinion | Mar 13, 2015

Spring training at an end for council

This month there are some interesting similarities between the Toronto Blue Jays, Canada’s Major League Baseball team, and...

London Community News | by Phil McLeod
Opinion | Mar 13, 2015

The rocking of ages

Mo and Jesse are right. As two of the youngest members of city council, Mohamed Salih and Jesse Helmer don’t subscribe to the...

London Community News | by Scott Taylor
Sep 24, 2014

Enlightenment at odds with nature

I for one read Matt Brown’s election platform to become the next mayor of London. Improving London’s public transit without sufficient infrastructure, traffic lights on too many intersections – Dream on.


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