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Columns | Jul 03, 2015

Five foods to gently detox your liver

As soon as the warm weather hits, we have this natural urge to shed our winter coats – and a few pounds. We do this by...

Norfolk News | by Tanya Fraser
Columns | Jul 02, 2015

Time for real discussion on drugs

Let’s talk about drugs.

London Community News | by Eric Shepperd
Columns | Jul 02, 2015

Union, city striking out with residents

If you’d asked me two months ago about the City of London’s interest in becoming more “open for business,” I’d have told you...

London Community News | by Amanda Stratton
Editorial | Jul 01, 2015

Our Canada on its birthday

Through all the fireworks and fun of Canada Day, we still think it’s important to reflect on this country of ours and what it...

London Community News | by Scott Taylor
Columns | Jun 25, 2015

Robot revolution a reality

In food factories, they will trim your 8 oz. sirloins and truss chickens.

London Community News | by Amir Farahi
Columns | Jun 25, 2015

One huge problem, no big answers

As Amanda Stratton mentioned in her column last week, we agreed to separately address London’s most pressing problems.

London Community News | by Lincoln McCardle
Editorial | Jun 24, 2015

London labour drama following WWE script

Strikes and lockouts are the professional wrestling of the business world.

London Community News | by Scott Taylor
Columns | Jun 18, 2015

Forest City in name only

I awoke to the sound of chainsaws.

London Community News | by Eric Shepperd
Sep 24, 2014

Enlightenment at odds with nature

I for one read Matt Brown’s election platform to become the next mayor of London. Improving London’s public transit without sufficient infrastructure, traffic lights on too many intersections – Dream on.


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