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Columns | Apr 26, 2015

Canadian baseball community will miss Jim Fanning: Griffin

Forever self-deprecating and humble, Jim never realized how much he was admired in Montreal. And personally, I owe him a lot....

OurWindsor.Ca | by Richard Griffin
Opinion | Apr 17, 2015

Bureaucrats sending Forked River up the creek

Big government is always looking for ways to stick it to the little guy, so when it happens most people give it a shrug as if...

London Community News | by Scott Taylor
Columns | Apr 16, 2015

Council faces questions in its four-year plan

The City of London is in the midst of working on a strategic multi-year (four-year) budget cycle.

London Community News | by Amir Farahi
Columns | Apr 16, 2015

City studying slower school speeds

It’s hardly a secret London drivers love to speed. If you need proof, just drive the posted speed limit on any roadway in the...

London Community News | by Phil McLeod
Opinion | Apr 15, 2015

Kids the losers in sex-ed war

Sex education in school has never been an easy subject. Not for students, teachers or parents. What one teacher sees as...

London Community News | by Scott Taylor
Editorial | Apr 10, 2015

Chakma insulated from lives the masses lead

There’s a scene in the wonderful movie A Fish Called Wanda in which John Cleese is upside down and held from his ankles by...

London Community News | by Scott Taylor
Editorial | Apr 09, 2015

London Police Chief Duncan overcame Fleming disaster

The thing Brad Duncan might be remembered for the most, as London’s chief of police, might serve as his highest and lowest...

London Community News | by Scott Taylor
Columns | Apr 09, 2015

East London gets its council day in the sun

For a generation or more it’s been one of our most enduring political complaints — east London doesn’t get a fair shake from...

London Community News | by Phil McLeod
Sep 24, 2014

Enlightenment at odds with nature

I for one read Matt Brown’s election platform to become the next mayor of London. Improving London’s public transit without sufficient infrastructure, traffic lights on too many intersections – Dream on.


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